Mobile for fun

The first mobile and tablet game of Gotes is now available to free download from Google Play. Try out original game principles of this card game with the features of a lottery game just for fun, combine the cards and bets, and try your luck, now just for fun, we are working hard on a lottery platform.


Mobile Casino

Gotes has always been a very popular gambling game, tried and tested by thousands of players! Its potential of fun, adrenaline and winning chance is incredible. In following months you will have the chance to play this popular game in your phone or tablet to win real money.



Gotes will work as a part of video lottery terminals. Gotes is getting ready to expand with its machines straight to casinos. Thanks to its touch panel, simple game model sought by players and partnership with experienced hardware manufacturers, Gotes may soon become a part of each casino around the world. It may become a genuine unbeatable game right in your casino! The whole game mechanism is patented by Gotes Inc., which means you cannot get the game for your casino anywhere else.


Board Game

Gotes for fun not only in digital versions, but also as a board game. Soon you will be able to play the original board game with your friends, one player as a dealer, who is responsible for the distribution of bets and payouts, the others as gamblers. Who will be the winner, the dealer, the other players, or you? This game is about combinations and intelligence. It will soon be available on the Internet.

Gotes, also called little canvas or God´s blessing, the classic game of professional players, started to spread in the 19th century, and was widely popular. It was played in Czech pubs, and thrived in the Communist era in former Czechoslovakia, where people played secretly trying to hide from the State Security. Gambling, as well as freedom of people, was severely punished by the regime of the leading Communist party. The game was always run by a dealer or croupier, who spread a piece of canvas with cards glued on it (even a half of the cards for more compact design). Afterwards the players made bets, the dealer turned the cards and distributed the prize money, which was sometimes very high, and that also made Gotes everybody´s favorite...

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Sit down and play Gotes in casinos.

Take a seat and play Gotes in a casino right next to the table with Black Jack. For the best experience, the gaming table is prepared, where you can play with your friends, team mates, against the dealer. The original and unique alternative to other popular card games like Poker or Black Jack for casinos and hotels.


Game principles, the game itself, winning share and variants are carefully patented in the USA and Canada, in the countries of South America, Asia including Japan and Russia, further on there are European patents, and patents in many other countries. The owner of the patent, copyright and other intellectual property is Gotes Inc. There is no similar duplicate of the game or game model, the principle is so successful and original that Gotes Inc. got all these patents by right.


Gotes Inc. offers cooperation in the field of entertainment, gaming and lottery industry. The patents mentioned above, and utter originality of the game, its proven winning potential, attractiveness and many more parameters of this exclusive game can make the cooperation with Gotes Inc. very interesting. If you have any questions or need further information on cooperation, license, rights etc. please do not hesitate to contact us at

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